Signwriting Videos

Here we have by request, a few signwriting videos of Arne painting a set of classic vehicle number plates or show plates.
These videos show Arne painting the first of three coats of enamel that are needed for each character.
Many of these plates are fitted to classic vehicles that have been lovingly restored to a very high standard, at least three coats of paint give the desired coverage of the white characters on the black background.

Signwriting tools seen in these videos

Note the very long sable or ox hair on the signwriting brushes, these long flexible hand-made brushes are the perfect tools for producing the desired straight edges and curves. These should be painted, theoretically, in one stroke. In order to achieve this, Arne rests his right hand firmly on a Mahlstick (also known as Maulstick). This is simply a stick with a soft leather or padded head at one end, these sticks are used by signwriters and artists alike.

This was the third attempt at filming and most successful so far. The camera was set to manual focus.

Completed show plates fitted to an early 1950/51 80″ Land-Rover Series One, this model has the rarer ‘lights through the grill’ layout at the front, the more popular grill (1952-1958) has an ‘inverted T’ and the earlier (1948-1950) model has the ‘lights behind the grill’.

There are plenty of examples of all three grill types, shown here > link.

This is a time-lapse video of signwriting the letter “L”.
The camera is mounted in a better position than before, the hand is no longer obscuring the brushwork.
The camera lens was set to manual focus, preventing the autofocus issues visible in the earlier video sequence.
This is my first attempt to create a video of me at work. The camera position needs to be improved to prevent my hand obscuring the work. The camera lens was set to Auto Focus AF, and it kept focusing on my shoulder, these parts of the video have been cropped out. I will use Manual Focus MF next time. Note – This is first enamel coat of three that are applied.