Signwriting video

By popular request, here is a video of Arne signwriting a number plate for an early Land-Rover.

Many of these hand painted plates are for classic vehicles and motorcycles that have been lovingly restored to a very high standard, you can see more of these vehicles in the signwriting gallery

Please enjoy, it is almost better than watching paint dry :

Signwriting tools seen in this video

Signwriting Mahlstick

Mahlstick (also known as Maulstick)

In these videos you will see Arne resting his right hand firmly on his mahlstick while he is painting each of the characters.

A mahlstick is simply a long sturdy stick with a soft leather or padded head at one end. The padded end can be placed anywhere on, or around the work, and it wont slip, slide or damage the work. Consequently, a simple mahlstick gives a very stable surface to rest your hand on when signwriting or working on art,
and these sticks have been used by signwriters and artists alike for hundreds of years.

Signwriting brushes
Signwriting brushes

Signwriting brushes

Note the very long sable or ox hair on the signwriting brushes, these long flexible hand-made brushes are the perfect tools for producing the desired straight edges and curves. With practice, it is possible to paint both straight and curved lines in one stroke.

There are a number of brush types available, chisel, pointed, liner and fitches. Each having their specific use when signwriting.</span